How fast is the internet speed now

How fast is the internet speed now

Have you ever asked yourself how fast the internet speed can actually be today? And how does your connection compare to the current global maximum? If so, you might want to read further and learn about the latest efforts of operators of both fixed and mobile networks.

Some of you born early enough to remember may still recall the first internet speed of the 1990s. Until a website loaded you could sit back and have a cup of coffee. The times of the snail-slow internet are long gone. The increasing speed goes hand in hand with new applications. Every new generation of mobile networks so far has introduced either a new service or taken an existing service to a dramatically new quality level.

5G networks are developing fast, although maybe not as fast as one would have expected. The speeds at the order of gigabit per second make mobile internet ever more comparable with fibre optics.

United Kingdom

Recently, the UK operator EE announced it would deliver the European fastest 5G speed. In laboratory testing, the speed topped 2.2 Gbps and under real-world conditions, speeds may reach 1.7 Gbps.

EE reached the new maximum in cooperation with Qualcomm via the aggregation of seven carriers, including the existing 3.4 GHz and new 3.6 GHz 5G channels. It combined five 4G (LTE) carriers and two 5G (New Radio). Five LTE carriers include two in the 1.8 GHz band, one in the 2.1 GHz band and two in the 2.6 GHz band. EE plans to roll out the new boosted 5G technology in major cities this year.


Fibre networks, however, also keep moving forward. Canada’s Rogers announced a successful production test of 8 Gbps symmetrical fibre broadband. That is double the fastest published internet speed in Canada. Rogers reached the speed both in the laboratory and in customer trials. That speed would further enhance customer experience with streaming TV, online gameplay, video conferencing or immersive virtual reality.

Rogers will offer the new speed in selected areas in summer 2022.


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